We have been securing and protecting our corporate clients information and data since 2001, by delivering the best level of information security services available. This has led to an enviable worldwide reputation for excellence. Some key facts about us are:

  • Every Arhont specialist has at least 10 years experience and all are PhD or MSc level educated
  • Rich hands-on experience allows us to implement appropriate countermeasures in versatile environments
  • Continual education ensures that we are well-versed in latest information security safeguards
  • Experts in penetration testing and follow-up hardening of applications, systems, networks and processes
  • Known as the ‘Consultants - Consultant’, we mentor and train industry experts
  • Agile enough as an organisation to provide tailored services for each client


“To ensure that information and systems are safe and secure for all our clients, and advancing the understanding of information security issues  throughout the industry”.


To ensure we meet our vision we have the following company mission:

“To continually improve on the highest levels of services provided and become the global market leader in advanced information security services through sustainable growth without impacting on our company vision”.


For privacy and security reasons we cannot publicly list all our clients, however it is possible to state that they include major multinationals belonging to the following industry sectors:

  • Banking, Finance, Insurance & Legal
  • Telecommunications, Mobile Operator & I.T.
  • Oil, Mining and Pharmaceutical
  • Retail, Manufacturing, Printing and Publishing
  • Entertainment, Media & Leisure
  • Shipping and Logistics

What our Clients say about us


"A great man once said:  'The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days'- Lao Tzu. But, as I cannot guarantee that, I use Arhont to protect my networks from harm and inform me of those trying to cause harm".
Kevin Lambe - Head of IT, City Equities


"Arhont are the best security specialist around. I have used several security experts in the past and Arhont were brought in following a recommendation. I would recommend them to anyone looking for information security services".
Tim Murray - CEO, Libertas


“As a Software-as-a-Service business good security is a competitive advantage and key to customer retention.  Arhont offered Mimecast the right balance of understanding our business, our technology and our people.  Through Arhont’s extensive knowledge of the threats, vulnerabilities and exploits that Mimecast faces, we were able to leverage our internal security resources to efficiently strengthen our security processes and infrastructure.
James Blake - Group Chief Security Officer, Mimecast


"Arhont's expert knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities and attack vectors has allowed us to focus on the right security solutions. Furthermore, their awareness training has reinforced the knowledge of our technical teams, thus ensuring security for our clients is at the forefront of everything we do."
Adam Nielsen - IT Manager, Towry Law